Short Stories

We all have stories that we’ve heard throughout our lifetime. For some of us, life has been our story. In either case, stories can help us to understand things better, teach us valuable lessons and help to increase our faith in The Lord, Holy Spirit and our Savior.

Here are a few short stories that might help you understand things a little better. Also, if you have a story yourself, please don’t hesitate to send it to us at


The King and the Poor Boy …The importance of Kindness.
Is There a Santa Claus …Answer Virginia’s question.
The Boy with a Bag of Nails …A Father teaches his son a lesson on temper.
   The Carpenter …A great carpenter brings two brothers back together.
  The Father and His Son’s Friend …A story about God’s grace and how his children keep giving.
The Grandfather’s Chair …A Dying Grandfather has something to believe in before he passes.
  Grandpa Says Goodbye …A story of the innocence of our children and what they see that we cannot.
The Group of Frogs …The power of encouragement. Watch what you say to others.
  The Story of Jack …A man spends time with his wife at the beach, even though she has passed on.
Jack & Elizabeth’s Thankfulness …Alas, poor Jack has passed as well but he remembers to show his thanks.
  A Lesson in Humility …A homeless man teaches me a lesson.
  A Missing Jesus …A story of one family’s passion for all God’s people.
  The Rich Son …A rich son learns a lesson in reacting too quickly and not knowing.
Sara’s Story …A fire-fighters story of not giving up.
  The Single Mother and Her Children …Children show their Mother how much she is appreciated.
  The Telephone Call …Another story of the innocence of the children.
  The Traveling Angels …Things are not always as they seem. Learn from the Angels.
The Twenty Dollar Bill …How much are you worth to God.
  A Visit from Jesus …Jesus comes to us even when we simply don’t recognize Him.