Welcome to Sunrise Chapel’s Inspirational Videos

In this area, we will be updating videos we find throughout the weeks that you may find motivating, somewhat shocking and, more hopefully, inspirational.

Please check back with us often as we will try and add new clips as often as possible.

Kindness Truly Matters

At our services, we are constantly stressing the urgency of being humble and kind. Here you will find a few videos that try and prove our point. We hope you find them inspiring and get some joy from them.


How difficult life can be at times. So often, we may be criticized, beaten down and taken for granted. How many times are we to put up with this?

Does God Exist

I’m sure you’ve all been asked that question. We, as Christians, already know the answer to that but we’d thought we provide you with some alternatives to try and convince the non-believers.

Inspirational Music

We all love our music. We should all take the time to sing praises to our Lord. Here, we have a few that we like.

…more to come!