The Grandfather’s Chair

A minister was called by a young woman and asked if he would come and visit her ailing Grandfather. Without question, he agreed and said he would be there that afternoon.

When he arrived, she led him into her Grandfather’s room where he found the old man in bed, leaning against his headboard on a pillow. The young woman left the room.

The minister asked the old man what he could do for him today. The Grandfather simply replied, “I need to strengthen my faith before the Lord takes me home.”

After hearing this, the minister grabbed a chair placed it beside the bed and told the old man this…

“Every time you pray to our Lord Jesus, imagine He is sitting here beside you listening to your words.”

They spoke for a short while longer and the minister went on his way.

As short time later, the minister spotted the young woman at the market and asked, “How is your Grandfather doing?” She answered “Alas, he passed away yesterday.”

The minister the asked “I’m so sorry. Did he pass peacefully?” to which she responded “Yes, thankfully. Strangely though, when I found him, he was lying in the bed but he had leaned across and laid his head on the chair beside his bed.”

The minister replied, “Glory be to God, he died in the lap of Jesus!”

Believe in our Lord and Savior, He is always by your side.