Jack and Elizabeth’s Thankfulness

Not long ago as I, once again, attended my Sunrise to have my conversations with God, I spotted a young man walking in my general direction. He was having quite the hard time navigating the sand as you could clearly tell, he was not a big fan of the beach. Nonetheless, he made his way towards me. The selfish side of me kept saying “Oh please, don’t tell me this kid is coming my way. I just want my ‘private time’ this morning.”

I noticed he was carrying a small basket. Maybe he was going to have breakfast on the beach? I didn’t know and only hoped he stayed away from me as this is “my time.”

As he got close, he spoke “Are you Woody?” Okay, now I’m stunned. This kid actually knows me? “Yes and how did you know my name?” He walked closer and explained “My name is Nate. You knew my grandfather. He talked about you many times. His name was Jack.” “Jack,” I said, “I haven’t seen him a quite a while. How is old Jack doing?” He looked down toward the sand, “My grandfather died a couple of months ago.” Obviously I felt embarrassed. First at not wanting this “kid” to come near me and, second, for not even knowing of Jack’s death. “I’m so sorry about your loss.”

“There is no need to be sorry,” Nate continued. “My grandfather was happy to be going ‘home’ to see his wife again. He told me of the tales you both shared and how beautiful the story of Heaven really is.” I felt a tear rolling up in my eye.

Nate then reached into the basket he was carrying and pulled out a little tea pot with two small glasses. My reaction was “Oh, I see you’ve come to share some tea with your grandparents.” Surely this is what he was here for. “No,” Nate went on, “my grandfather wanted to share a cup of tea with you. It was just something he asked for before he died.”

Now I am humbled and the tears got larger. Nate said “I know you need a little time so I’ll be back in a little while to pick-up the dishes.” He then turned and headed back toward the parking lot.

I sat down in the sand, poured two little cups of tea and looked to the sky. “Thank you Jack. Thank you for remembering me and sharing this moment. It has been a lesson greatly appreciated.”

I finished my tea and Nate returned. I had received my thanks from Jack who was now in Heaven with his beautiful wife and God.

Always remember to recognize, and appreciate, the thanks we’re given.