Memorial Day – 2019

Today, I’d like to spend some time honoring our fallen heroes. So many sacrifices made by so many men and women across the decades. Sacrifices given, without hesitation, to protect this great land of ours and the people they Loved.

While we all must agree their sacrifices were great, we must also understand and remember, and be very so proud, of what these heroes have given us… what they died for and the great pride they took in doing what they did. Tomorrow, is the day in which to do so.

Built on The Bible

The United States of America had 5 main Biblical Principles that were used in creation the Declaration of Independence. These helped form our Biblical foundation.

  1.  God created all people equal. (Genesis 1 and 2)
  2.  God gave every person certain rights that are essential to God’s purpose for them. (Genesis 1 and 2)
  3.  God instituted government to secure and protect these rights. (Genesis 9 and Romans 13)
  4.  God established moral laws in His Word. “We the people” hold the government accountable to God’s moral laws. (Exodus 20, Acts 4:18-20 and Romans 2:12-16)
  5. Government must rule at the consent of the people. (Exodus 18:27)

Official National Motto of the United States  – In 1956 the President approved a Joint Resolution of the 84th Congress declaring “In God We Trust” as the official national motto of the United States of America.

These are the fundamentals of this country. Clearly, we are a nation under God and, and we are here today to remember all of those that gave us these rights…gave us the life we are able to lead today.

Something for our politicians…

Romans 13:1 – “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.”

Remember this… God put you there; God can take you out!

Called to Serve

God calls upon all of us to serve:

1 Samuel 12:24 – “Obey the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart. Remember the great things he has done for you.”

As this nation was built on our Bible, so are we obligated to protect it (as our service men and women do)… protect all that it stands for as so many have done and so many continue to do to this day!

Volunteered Time

Most of our service men and woman today are where they are because they volunteered their time and their lives.

National pride…

  • They left their parents!
  • They left their wives and husbands!
  • They left their children!
  • They left their homes!

Why? To protect all that this country is about and keep it as “One Nation, under God! LIVING FREE with the kindness, compassion and humility our Bible has taught us!

As They Prepared

How did they prepare? As they gather in the jungles; deserts; and in foreign countries. Knowing that they were fighting for their country and their God, I believe this would have been what they prayed before battle:

Psalm 144:1- “Blessed be the LORD, my rock, Who trains my hands for war, And my fingers for battle.”

Our soldiers went into battle knowing they had a Glorious God beside them; knowing what their duties were

…not in fear, but in pride of our God and our Nation!

They Were Afraid

Do you think they were afraid? Who did they turn to? Once again, the answer should be simple.

2 Samuel 22:35 – “He trains my hands for battle, so that my arms can bend of bow of bronze.”

Do you know of the battles? Do you know what our soldiers have face and what they continue to face every day?

Sure they were afraid but, again, they look to God for strength and push forward!

The Sacrifice

They fought; they died… and they did so without hesitation. So, what does this say about all those that gave their lives for u?

John 15:13 – “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

Yes, they fought and they died… but their sacrifice has given us all that we enjoy today!

Give Thanks

  • To those that have passed! Remember their sacrifices. Remember all they have given for you, me and every other person lucky enough to live in this great nation!
  • To those that returned! These too, should be remembered as they also would have given all they had to protect their nation and their God!
  • To those that still fight! It is also important to remember those that still fight for us. They’re still out there, doing what they do best… for you and me!

Today, we praise those that give all and give thanks for their ultimate sacrifice.All gave some, some gave all! …God Bless our Troops!