Answered Prayer

I know we’ve spoken often about prayer and the power of prayer but it’s just something I feel so strongly about, and, I’m about to do it again.

It brings me great sadness when others around me tell me their stories of woe yet simply refuse to recognize all they have been given already and what, to them, seemed like a smack in the face from God was actually an answer.

Jesus told us in…

Matthew 7:7 – “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”

Our Recent Move

As you all know, Pamela and I have been undergoing the whole “moving thing” for the past month or two. I told you how she would fret and lose sleep over not finding anything, as our time allowed where we were, was quickly drawing to a close. Our landlord wasn’t giving us any leeway whatsoever and the date we gave as our last day was “written in stone” to them. Keys turned in; parking decals returned; and all building access cards were to be delivered “on that date” and no later! It looked as if we were going to be living out of our cars for certain.

Me? I prayed. Despite the fact it was looking rather grim, I stayed the course. I knew, because I had asked, God would soon intervene and we would have what we needed.

One night, while out drinking our sorrows away, we asked a friend, “You wouldn’t happen to know anyone who could help us out, do you?” Almost immediately, they said, “Yes, our friend Linda… she’s a realtor and a darn good one.”

Well, without turning this into War & Peace, we met her; began her search and, in less than a week, we had our new place. We met with the owner. We were “interviewed” by the HOA Board and, when it was all said and done… handed the keys.

Sure, you already knew that part, right? Well, the story goes on… Now that we had our place, it was time to find a mover. We had less than a week left and needed to book something immediately. I set to the task!

After contacting three or four different moving companies, I was told by all, “Sorry Mr. Woods, we’re booked solid!” The next day, as usual, I was at my office early. I brewed a pot of coffee and went outside to my “private spot” to do my morning prayers.

I asked God earnestly, “Father, I know this isn’t my normal prayers as I normally give thanks for another day but, today Lord, I need your help!” After this, I went back inside and sat down at the little table in our breakroom to have my coffee and watch the morning news.

During the newscast, I saw an ad… “Good Greek Moving and Storage… the official movers of the Miami Dolphins!” Okay, why not, let me check out the website.

Not wanting to bother calling and be let down again, I decided to fill-out the little “contact us” box on the homepage. I clicked the “submit” button and went back to the kitchen to finish my coffee.

I no sooner had sat down and my cell rang. It was the Good Greek! I explain our dilemma to the guy on the phone and his response was just this, “This is going to sound very strange to you Mr. Woods but, not less than thirty seconds before I received your email, a woman that had planned a move months ago, called and canceled her move on the exact date you need!”

Now, I ask you, if you don’t think that was “answered prayer,” then how else would you describe that one? Do you believe yet?

Why Pray?

We’ve talked about this one before as well…

Matthew 6:8 – “Your Father knows what you need before you ask him.”

Do you honestly know what you need? If not, why don’t you put your trust in God, with confidence that you will receive?

Hebrews 4:16 – “Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.

Okay, once again, those that do not believe always question why we need to pray if God already knows what we need.

  • You’ve got a headache – you need an aspirin… do you have one? No, you need to ask someone.
  • You’re thirsty, the day has been long – you need a drink of water… do you carry one with you always? No, you need to ask someone.
  • You’ve “fallen, and you can’t get up!” Do you need someone’s hand? Ask someone!

Yeah, I guess I joke a little about this but it’s just that it’s all too clear to me. We have needs, and God knows what they are… let Him know what you need and, if it is time and you are deserving, you will receive.

God Has a Bigger Plan

All of this got me thinking more and more about answered prayers and how most of us simply don’t realize His responses. Sometimes, what we think is His response, is something we definitely weren’t expecting and not at all what we wanted. But have we really taken the time to analyze how this may have been an answer from God?

Maybe you think God hasn’t answered you; denied you; or answered in a way you weren’t expecting but, I can assure you, if you believe and watch closely, you will have your answer. If it isn’t what you expected, perhaps God has a bigger plan for you.

Do you remember my lesson about A Young Man’s Story – Answered Prayer? Well, I set my sights on the Internet in search of unique true stories about answered prayer. I came across this true story. It was a story told on a Christian radio talk show which, if I remember correctly, happened some time ago in Sweden.

A Present from Heaven – A True Story

Thirty some-odd years ago, there were two young boys. Typical little kids, always getting into mischief and doing things they probably shouldn’t be doing.

These two little ones loved playing with their pet Guinea Pig. They would always put him in cars and race him around tracks they had built in their rooms; make him ride in the basket of their bicycles; or slide him down the side of a mountain on their sleds.

One day, a little bored with their daily routines, they decided to try something a little more brazen. They manufactured a home-made parachute; fastened it to a little basket and climbed a high building to launch the poor, unsuspecting Guinea Pig, into the sky.

All seemed to be going smoothly as this unwilling parachutist soared through the air. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a gust a wind arose and they lost sight of their pet as he was whisked-away by wind and flew further and further away. They knew, this was probably the last time they would see their little play-mate.

Miles away, a little girl was riding in the car on their way to the park with her Mommy. They were talking, once again, about how badly she wanted a little pet. “Please Mommy… anything will do! A puppy; a kitten; a bunny… just anything she could love and cherish at home.” Mommy, once more, said, “I’m sorry honey. We just don’t have the money. Maybe someday we will.”

They reached the park and went about playing on the swings; sliding on the slides; and doing all the things a little girl would love to do. Soon, it was time for lunch. Mommy took some sandwiches out of her tote bag and sat on a bench with her little girl to eat.

As they were eating, miraculously, a small basket with a parachute attached landed right beside them. In the basket, was a little Guinea Pig. “Mommy, can we keep him? It’s just what I had asked God for last night during my prayers!”

Well, how could she say no… her little girl had asked God and now, seemingly, He had answered her. “Sure we can honey… after all, God sent him to you.”

Wait, I’m not done yet… Remember, God has a Bigger Plan…

Years went by. Eventually, the little girl grew up and her Guinea Pig had died. She had graduated high-school and was attending a local religious college where she furthered her dedication to God… wanting to give back for all she’d been given in her life.

One day, she was listening to a Christian radio show and the host asked people to call in and tell everyone about prayers God had answered. Remembering her little Guinea Pig, she immediately called-in and told her story.

Miles across town, two young men sat in the break-room of the factory they both worked in and, one of them, tuned into the same station. The other, seemed uninterested as he didn’t really believe in all that religious stuff.

Oddly enough, he heard the girls story… The Gift of the little Guinea Pig. Could this be real? Was she talking about the same little Guinea Pig he and his friend had launched into orbit so many years ago?

He immediately called the radio station. As he called, the girl was still on the line finishing her story and giving praise to God. He asked if he could speak with her. To make a long story a little bit shorter, they agreed to meet over lunch and see if this was even possible.

They met. They ate and talked for hours as she continued to tell how fortunate she had been having God answer her prayers right there in the park that very same day he and his buddy had lost their Guinea Pig in the wind.

Again, making a long story a little shorter… this young man and this young woman began seeing each other on a regular basis. She, continuing to convince him how glorious her God was and he, listening more and more intently each time.

Today, this couple is married. She is nurse at a local Catholic Hospital and he, surprisingly, is a Pastor for the local church in their town.

Was prayer answered here? Did God not have a “Bigger Plan” for this couple?

In Conclusion

Our God is a Loving, giving God. He listens to our prayers and answers them… sometimes, when we’re not even aware. Learn to pay attention in life. Don’t over-analyze the obvious… just keep remembering…

James 1:17 – “Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow.”

Pray to our God every day. Pray to Jesus and The Holy Spirit… give thanks for all that you’ve been given; for all you have yet to receive; for forgiving us our sins… and when you are in need… ask and, more importantly, BELIEVE!


Go with God; be good to one another; always stay humble; always be kind… God Bless!